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Single To Wife Life™ Digital Planner

Single To Wife Life™ Digital Planner

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Ready to go from single to godly wife and date with confidence?

This digital planner will give you all the tools that you need in order to have and plan a fun and fruitful dating journey.

Included in this digital planning bible is:

  • A calendar to plan and analyze your dates so that you can let go of men that aren't a good fit quickly
  • Emotional Dating Toolkit so that you can easily bounce back after any dating setback so that you don't stay stuck in the same place for years
  • Digital Romance Vision Board to keep the vision of your dream relationship before you
  • Letters To Your Future Husband Diary that you can always have to go back to to share with your dream man once you have attracted him
  • Tab for Bible Reading to keep all of your favorite scriptures in one place
  • Financial Planning Tab to confidently keep track of your finances so that you can grow your money
  • Mental Health Diary so that you can feel your absolute best while on your dating journey
  • Weekly Planner and Master To-Do List



Once you purchase you will get access to the template and instructions on how to use everything in it. The Single to Wife Life™ Digital Planner is hosted on an app called Notion


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