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Date Like a Wife™ Course

Date Like a Wife™ Course

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The complete course to begin dating for marriage and attract the husband of your dreams without compromising your values, your faith, or your boundaries"

The Date Like a Wife™ Course Is For You If:

→ You are ready to prepare for your future marriage and know that you don't want to keep doing things the same way in your love life.

→You are tired of trying to piece all the things together in your love life..and you're ready for a simple way to know how to begin dating for marriage.

→You've been told you just need to wait on God to send you your dream man but you feel that there is more that you should be doing because faith without works is dead.



I've been there. I know exactly what it feels like to desire to start preparing to attract the man of your dreams and date for marriage and you feel like you don't know where to start. 



You feel unseen by the right kind of men and keep attracting men who just want one thing. So you start to wonder if good single godly men even exist anymore that are desiring to date for marriage as well.


Since discovering how to position myself to be found and date like a wife, I attracted 3 men back to back that all desired to make me their wife and shortly after I attracted my husband within a matter of months.. when previously it felt like a drought of men in my love life.

I am now married to the man of my dreams and these are some of the key things I worked on to now have a thriving marriage.

You will discover in this course:

  • Identify exactly what the purpose of marriage is
  • How to walk in the spirit of a wife before the ring to attract your godly husband
  • How to cover your future husband in prayer
  • Key things to work on to prepare for an epic future marriage
  • Discover the art of submission and what it really means
  • How to not make marriage an idol
  • Exactly what Godly men look for in a wife


Over 2.5 hours of content


This is a self-paced course




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