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Date Like a Diamond - Online Dating Course

Date Like a Diamond - Online Dating Course

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Ready to Date With Purpose & Cultivate Your Pick of Men to Choose From?


For High-Achieving Single Christian women who are ready to effortlessly attract high-quality godly men online


So, does this sound familiar? 

You find yourself asking "where are all the good men"?

You wish you knew more great men, but you're not sure where to meet them or how to attract them 


Can I share a secret with you? High-quality godly men are everywhere, especially online! 

BUT.. the reason you're not attracting them is because most women are looking in all the wrong places or don't know how to captivate the right men.

Ready to discover how to DOUBLE YOUR DATING PROSPECTS and grab the attention of high-quality godly men online? 💃


Learn my tried and true formula to guide you in the world of online dating and show you exactly how to put up a profile that draws in incredible, commitment-ready godly men who can’t wait to ask you out! Discover exactly how to attract the right kind of men online that are godly and marriage-minded.


Imagine if...

You notice your days filling up with epic dates with commitment-ready men. You never have to spend another Saturday alone watching Netflix (unless you choose to, of course!)

You’re finally out of scarcity mode when it comes to men. You’ve realized there’s an abundance of high-quality men available to you, because great men are coming out of the woodwork to win you over.

You radically transform your love life and fall in love with dating because of the way men now show up for you.

You're well on your way to happily ever after with your dream man.

... this is how it should be.. and how it can be for you, too!


A few of the topics that are covered in this course.. & so much more!!!

- Cultivating a "diamond" mindset when it comes to attracting high-quality men

-Creating your diamond dating profile that speaks to the right men

-Communicating like a diamond woman online to draw men in

- Developing diamond confidence in dating online and offline

- How to know when it's time to get off the app and on to a date 


This is a digital self-paced course


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